Monday, July 7, 2014

Review - We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

When I picked up We Were Liars, I didn't know nothing about it. I read that John Green recommended it and I thought it'd be good. But HOLY COW, IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!! This book is like a bomb and it exploded in my hands! It shattered my mind and made me cry like a baby in the end! 

Oh God, from where do I start?

The book didn't capture my full attention from the very beginning, it took me a while to get comfortable with the entire Sinclair family. This very powerful, big and wealthy family composed by the Liars (Cadence - first grandchild, Gat - who was like Johnny's stepbrother, and her cousins Mirren and Johnny), their grandpa and grandma Harris & Tipper Sinclair, Carrie - Johnny's mother, Penny - Cadence's mother, Bess - Mirren's mother and Bess and Carrie's other kids (4 more kids, to be exactly). 


The story is told from Cadence's POV, about how she suffers a strange accident on Beechwood Island (the Sinclair's private island) on summer fifteen and how she tries to remember everything. Before the accident, she and her friends are inseparable, they do everything together because they are the LIARS. But something goes wrong and they do something bad, like really BAD. Then Cad's found almost dead on the tiny beach with a damaged brain. 

“I'll be fine, they tell me. I won't die. It'll just hurt a lot.” 

For two years, the girl doesn't return on the island and doesn't remain in touch with the Liars. Till she decides that she must return to clarify things.

From now on, the story gets better and better. I won't say anything about it because it's very complicated. The author leads you in the wrong direction of the story, you think you know what will happen in the end, but you are so WRONG! You can't predict that fu**ing ending! AND IT HURTS PEOPLE, IT REALLY HURTS!!! 

“They know that tragedy is not glamorous. They know it doesn't play out in life as it does on a stage or between the pages of a book. It is neither a punishment meted out nor a lesson conferred. Its horrors are not attributable to one single person. Tragedy is ugly and tangled, stupid and confusing.”

“Here I am frozen, when I deserve to burn.”

Like I already said, I cried while reading the last 20 pages. And after I finished it, I was relieved, sad and happy at the same time. I love books that give me all the feels, they're simply great! 

I think I forgot to mention that we also have a forbidden love story here between Cad and Gat. I say forbidden because they never get a chance to be together, and Cad's family doesn't really like Gat (he's black and not an authentic Sinclair). This adds more mystery to the story and makes it more interesting.

“One day I looked at Gat, lying in the Clairmont hammock with a book, and he seemed, well, like he was mine. Like he was my particular person.”



What's your opinion about WE WERE LIARS? Have you read it?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Booktalks #1 For or against vampires?

Hey everyone! Here's the first post for out #booktalks new rubric: for or against vampires? 

I, contrary to many people, don't like vampires that much. The majority of books I read (books with vampires) are just very uninteresting, boring and lame. The same stupidities with blood suckers and failed love stories between vampires and mortals everywhere (no offenses meant). For example, I couldn't manage to read The Vampire Diaries by L.J.Smith. The TV series is really great, but the books are just...ugh...boring (same case with True Blood: amazing show, very complicated books). 

Then is the Evernight series by Claudia Gray. I read the first two volumes and I'm like...

The main character, Bianca, is probably the lamest and most annoying vampire female ever! For her own good, she should just disappear in the nowhere. Together with her pretty boy, Lucas. If the books get any better by the third volume, you'll let me know. 

Of course that there are also good books with vampires, like the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I only read the first two book and a little bit from the third, but the writing is absolutely amazing and the characters are very strong. Rose is the bad-ass heroine that every book needs.

Another book I read, and I highly recommend is ReVamped by Ada Adams. 

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*gorgeous cover*

Dawn is definitely my favorite character. She is a powerful and smart vampire. She is bad-ass! After her, Sebastian (the male interest in this book) won my heart. He is the bad boy type, but in the same time he is kind and sensible. The other characters were amazing, too. Some of them made me laugh, some of them made me cry and some of them made me scream (yeah, I love them). You should give it a try!

In conclusion, no vampire lover here. Just the idea of fangs and blood gets me nervous.

How about you? Are vampires your favorite creatures in books? What good books with vampires would you recommend us?

Leave us comments, we  comments!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review ~ SHACKLED by Angela Carling


I read this book a while ago, but I figured it out that I didn't post the review on RAR!  Shackled is a very good book and it isn't so well known in the reading world. I hope that many of you will give it a try after reading my review!

SHACKLED is one of the best books I have EVER read. After reading it, I became an emotional wreck. The story is so complex and beautiful, you will beg for more, believe me. But the most important thing is that Shackled has an important message for everybody. Unfortunately, nowadays, many girls are in Lucy’s situation and it’s not OK. If you read this book, you will be dumbfounded.

Everything changed when Lucy Taylor moved with her family in a new town. She was the new girl and HE put his eyes on her.

Ryan Hillstead was exactly the type of boy who Lucy wanted. He was handsome, smart and educated. He and Lucy developed a beautiful relationship and I must confess that at the beginning I loved Ryan too. This sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But it definitely isn’t. Here comes the hard part: Ryan was very jealous and he acted like a possesive guy everytime Lucy was around Mason (or other boys), his best friend. Mason loved Lucy, but he respected her and he never tried to stole her from Ryan.

Ryan’s father, Mark, was a sick man. He taught his son that women must be dominated and kept against their will. He gave Ryan a tracking bracelet for Lucy and he put a GPS in her phone. They were insane! The serious part was that May, Ryan’s mother, was in the same situation. She wore a tracking bracelet for many years.

When Lucy discovered the real Ryan, she was shocked because she really loved him (or at least, she thought she loved him). He became a hunter and poor Lucy was his prey. With Mason’s help, Lucy tried to get help. Did she find the help? Did Ryan and his father hurt her? So many questions and Lucy was running out of time.
In this hunting and thrilling journey, Angela Carling says the story of an innocent girl who thought that she had found love, but instead she found the big bad wolf.

Overall, Shackled is a MUST read! I just love this book with all my heart and I’m so honored that I had the opportunity to read it. It talks about abuse, domestic violence and respect. It really shattered me!


And here are some fanarts that I made a year ago for this book:

What do you say? Would you like to read Shackled?